The theme is topical and deals with the addiction of contemporary youth to modern technology (mobile phones, tablets, computers) with the result of children not getting enough exercise and not actually spending time in each other’s company. Instead they waste away publishing content and following other users over social networks and playing on-line role games. Each of the participating schools is going to make part of our common film.

The film can include dancing, singing or other activities that complement the subject matter. The actors are going to be teenagers between the ages of 12 to 16. The film is going to juxtapose the two realities: the “addicted” youth with their smart phones and tablets and the ones who do not use modern technology or use it in moderation and actually spend meaningful time together. The story is going to unfold in such a way as to show the beauty of real life and not the life in front of various screens. Once the script is agreed upon, the various parts are going to be distributed among the partner countries and filmed at all four locations. One of the schools is going to do the final editing. The film is going to be screened at all four schools and potentially at schools across the CELL partner countries.

RESULT: a collaborative teen film “Modern Virus”, about the two realities of modern youth and the beauty of “real” life.

Szczególne podziękowania dla pana Radosława Waludy za koordynowanie pracy nad realizacją zadania A11 MODERN VIRUS.