THE NEW GIRL – polish version

THE NEW GIRL – international version


– Narrator: Inés is a girl who arrived from Italy to her new school at the beginning of the last quarter.
At first, she will not be very popular.
It all starts with the most popular guys in class playing a practical joke on him.
You will meet three guys with whom he will create a beautiful and strong friendship and with whom he will face the challenges that the end of the course presents.
The culmination of the quarter is a dance contest proposed by the team physical education teacher.
In addition, Inés will have to catch up with all the subjects to be able to pass the grade.

Act 1

(In the class)

(Sophie and Chris talk)

– Sophie: Have you seen the new girl? Yes, that’s the one who was at the door with the headteacher and a lady who is probably her mother…

– Chris: Yes, I noticed, what weird look he has!

(The teacher enters with Inés. Upon entering the class everyone looks at him)

– Teacher 1: Hi guys, before I start the class I want to introduce you to our new student. Her name is Inés. Inés, why don’t you introduce yourself to your classmates?

– Inés: Hello, my name is Inés, I’m from Naples and I’ve moved to this city because my mother has changed jobs. I am very happy to be in this school.

(After finishing, Inés bends his head and looks for a free place to sit. He sees an empty chair and wants to sit down)

– Kevin (whispers): Hey, new girl, that’s my chair, don’t even think about sitting there.

(While the teacher turns around and prepares to write on the board, another student named Chris trips him, causing him to almost fall at the laughter of almost all classmates)

– Chris: jaja (Haha), welcome to the class new girl…

(Inés sees another empty chair at the end of the class and sits on it)

– Teacher 1: Stop fooling around Chris and get all the math books for topic 8.

(Inés hides his head in the book and begins his first class).

– Narrator: After the first class, the teacher of Physical Education enters the classroom

– P.E. Teacher: Good morning guys, well we started the last quarter. You already know that we must put into practice everything we have learned throughout the course and that the final grade will be a choreography in groups of 4. Moreover, the best group will represent their class in the annual school contest.
So, guys at the end of class you must tell me which members are going to form the groups.

(All the boys start talking to each other, forming the groups. Inés was completely alone, while the three least popular boys needed one more member)

(The teacher approaches Inés and suggests that he join the three boys. Inés accepts gladly)

– P.E. Teacher: Inés! Why don’t you join those three guys? They lack a member and I think it will be good for you to be with them.

(When the class ends)

– P.E. Teacher: Well, guys, before leaving, please tell me the group members.

(All the boys get closer. When it is Inés and his group’s turn, a voice is heard from the back, it is Rachel, a girl from the popular group who is screaming with laughter)

– Rachel: Good luck with the new girl, you jerk!!! Sure, you’ll do great. – Her group laughs.

– PE Teacher: Do not listen to her, do your best.

(At the end of the class -making a bell ring-, Inés’s mother is waiting for him at the door)

– Mother: How was it, darling.

– Inés: – with resignation – I have realized who I am and that almost everyone laughs at me. So, not bad at all.

– Mother: Well, I like the fact that you take things with humour.

Act 2

– Narrator: A new day has been born and Inés puts on her best clothes to make himself feel good. She has decided that it will be her day and he will not lose any opportunities. Her mother accompanies her to the classroom door.

– Mother: How cute you are, Inés! Is there a girl that you like?

– Inés: No, mom, (laughs), I want to make a good impression on my classmates and see if I can make a friend.

– Mother: You do not need to dress like that to get one. See you on the way out. I’m going to deliver your documents to the director.

(When entering the class, Inés says “Good morning” but few faces turn towards him)

– Inés: Good morning!

(No response, but Inés does not give up and keeps trying. She addresses a group of boys separated from the popular kids)

– Inés: How are you guys? I’m Inés.

(Again, she does not get any response and she lowers her head thinking that maybe at halftime she would have more luck. While walking away one of the girls in the group tells the rest)

– Mika: Don’t you think maybe we should have said something to the new girl? I think she feels very lonely.

– Steven: It’s normal, she’s new but you saw how badly he was treated yesterday.

– Nicole: These people are already looking down on us. To put Inés in the group would make things even worse. So, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

– Margaret: I agree, I think we should just let go and continue without her.

– Mika: Well, I’m going say hello, make her feel less alone. We all deserve a chance.

(Inés is flipping through a math book understanding absolutely nothing, when suddenly she hears a voice directed at him)

– Mika: How’s it going Inés? My name is Mika, sorry for not saying anything before, but you caught us by surprise.

– Inés: (almost afraid to say anything): Hello, Mika. Don’t worry about it.

– Mika: Welcome to the class. I’m happy to have you as a schoolmate.

(While the two of them talk to get to know each other a little bit better, Kevin, the leader of the group of the popular ones approaches them in a challenging and borderline manner)

– Kevin: What’s up, Mika? Making new friends?

– Mika: What I do is my decision, Kevin. It seems to me that you have overused the blow dryer this morning and your brain is all dried up.

– Kevin: How funny (Kevin says while others are laughing). Let’s see if you laugh as much on other occasions.

(He leaves, throwing Inés’s book to the floor)

– Mika: Do not listen to him Inés, he’s an idiot. He thinks he’s cool. Well, a pleasure to meet you. We’ll see a lot more of each other now.

(At that moment the teacher comes through the door. Inés is smiling, thinking that he had some luck and that his situation has begun to change.From the back of the class he sees that the group of the less popular students ask him to sit with them)

– Lucas: Well Inés, welcome to our group. We are María, Andre and my name is Lucas. We are probably the worst dancers, but we love books!

– Inés: Thanks, guys. Nice to meet you all!

(At that moment the teacher comes in and asks them to get the literature books out. Inés is sighing)

– Inés: I have not understood anything in math class and now, from what I see, I think I won’t learn anything about literature either. I think I won’t pass any subject in this quarter.

– Mary: Don´t worry Inés, we will help you with the subjects and we will do what we can so that you pass and get up to speed quickly.

(while the other members of the group nod with a smile)

– Inés: Really? You don’t know how grateful I am guys.

(At the end of the day again his mother picks him up, but this time Inés returns with a smile)

– Mother: It seems that today was much better than yesterday.

– Inés: I’ve made friends mom! They are going to help me with everything and help me pass.

– Mother: I told you, you would make friends soon.

(she replies while stroking his head)

Act 3

– Narrator: Days later the 4 students are already a united group, laughing all the time. Kevin and his group want to see what is so funny. They are talking about how awkward Maria and Lucas are for the dance and Inés encourages them and assures them that in the end they will do a great job.

(Then Kevin approaches Inés’s group, and starts making fun of their physical defects)

– Kevin: What’s up with four eyes? Thinking about winning the competition?

– Mary: Leave us alone, we haven’t done anything to you!

– Sophie: Aww, taking care of Kevin! (Laughs) The kitten is pulling out her claws!

– Chris: Hey, new girl, have you already bought a pair of glasses to fit the group?

– Rachel: Come on, stop wasting time and let’s rehearse.

(Before leaving, Kevin takes Inés’s book and throws it to the floor amid the laughter of his group, Inés stands up, tired of Kevin, faces him and pushes him, but is thrown to the ground. Inés gets up with the intention of defending himself but at that moment the P.E. Teacher appears preventing the thing from escalating)

– P.E. teacher: What the hell is going on here? It’s alright, Kevin, get out of here. Inés, I did not expect you to have a behaviour like that.

(People begin to criticize Kevin but the teacher, to avoid further arguments, sends both to opposite sides of the dining room and when they are separated he strokes Inés’s head in congratulation. The rest of the boys also congratulate Inés for standing up and defending his teammates. Inés has become popular for his action)

Act 4

– Narrator: The next day during P.E. class they come into first contact with the dance.
The teacher asks for a volunteer group to do a small demonstration to break the ice.

– P.E. Teacher: So, who wants to give it a try?

– Kevin: Teacher, we’ll show them what we’re made of!

(Brief choreography of 20-25 seconds)
(When the teacher finishes, he congratulates the group for how well they have done it)

– P.E. Teacher: Good job, guys. Any other group?

(Mika’s group raise their hands and dance. Something looser with less rehearsal, but also with good results)
(Brief choreography of 20-25 seconds)

– P.E. Teacher: You must keep practicing guys, but you’re on the right track.

(Inés’s group was the last, and no one dared to dance, so Inés took a step forward and asked for a song (pending determination) and was placed in the middle of the gym)
(Individual choreography 20-25 seconds)
(People are amazed by the great talent of Inés’s dancing. Her teacher and her group are the first to congratulate her)

– P.E. Teacher: Wow Inés, that was amazing, you have a lot of talent.

– Lucas: Incredible, Inés, you must teach us to move like that, I’m sure we will win the contest with your help!!

(Everyone looks at her impressed except Kevin’s group, who are whispering and look disgruntled)

– Kevin: Bah, nothing special, we’ll see on the day of the contest who the winner is. And in addition to this, she is dancing with the geeks…. We don’t need to worry.

– Sophie: This will be a piece of cake!!! Losers!

(Mika and her group come to congratulate Inés)

– Mika: Awesome, Inés. You have really dropped the mic. Now I apologize for not talking to you previously.

– Steven: I regret having turned my back on you at the beginning, I wish I had behaved differently.

– Nicole and Margaret (in unison): And we Inés, we were afraid of the reaction of the rest of the class.
– Inés: It doesn´t matter guys, don´t worry. Better late than never, but now I have a duty to the group that made me feel very welcome from the beginning. And speaking of which, we must start studying for the math exam.

– Lucas: Well come on then! Let’s go to the library and hit the books.

Act 5

(The whole class is in silence while the teacher distributes the exam papers. Some of them look desperate since they know they are going to fail; others hold on to their amulets wishing for a good grade, another group is confident of the great results they are going to get and finally Inés, wanting to demonstrate on paper everything he worked on and learned with her peers)

– Teacher 1: You can start, you have 50 minutes. Check carefully when making the crosses next to the answers. Good luck guys, you can turn the test over and start.

(Inés turns the test over and starts reading. Her face is happy to see that he can pass it.
Time is running out and nerves are beginning to take over some of the students)

– Teacher 1: There are 5 minutes left guys, time to check the answers and to hand in the exams, please.

(Finally, Inés finishes the exam and goes to the teacher’s desk. He hands in the exam hesitantly; the teacher smiles and wishes him luck)

– Teacher 1: Calm down, Inés. You have done your best and you may have good results.

– Inés (sighing): Uff, hopefully it will be like that. Teacher, could you correct my exam now? I would like to know the mark of my first exam here.

(The teacher takes out her red pen and begins to correct it)

– Teacher 1: This answer is okay…this one is wrong, very good … Well, Inés (he says looking at her) Congratulations! You’ve got a 5.8, hard work pays off. You deserve it!

(Inés runs to his group of friends, screaming)

– Inés: A 5.8! I passed!! (He shouts with joy, running to hug Lucas who greets him smiling.

– Lucas: Congratulations, you are a champion! All the effort you put in has paid off.

– Inés: I could not have achieved it without your help. Now let’s keep on working to pass all the subjects and let’s dance till we drop! We’re going to bring Kevin and his group down.

– Mary: Wow, Inés! You don’t know what you are saying. Each and every one of us has two left feet!

– Inés: Remember Mary, nothing is impossible. The only secret is work, work and work. Just use me as an example, I passed my exam. So, we will surely do a great job, but now we are going to celebrate! Let’s go for an ice cream!

– Andrea: Yeah! Delicious! A chocolate ice cream for me!!!

– Inés: Come on let’s go (She said to the guys laughing)

Act 6

– Narrator: The days are passing, and the end of the year is already near. The four friends do not stop working both on the studies and the choreography. Being sincere, Lucas, Mary and Andre are better at math and literature than at dancing, but Inés does not give up and wants them to repeat their dance routine again and again and again and again.

(In the gym)

– Inés (turning off the song): Come on guys that’s not the way we practiced. Remember: arm up and then back. We are getting there, little by little.

– Lucas: Inés, stop pushing us, we are rubbish at this.

– Maria: Yes Inés, I feel pain in parts of my body that I didn’t know I had.

– Andrea: And what about taking a break? (Andrea asked lying on the floor)

– Inés: Come on guys, two minutes rest and then we continue.

(Inés gives each one a little water while explaining the mistakes to correct)

– Inés: Come on guys it’s time to go back to work: 1 2 3 4

(Brief dance steps together)

– Inés: You see! You can do it if you try real hard!

– Lucas: This was just a coincidence Inés – (he says laughing)

– Inés: Nothing happens by chance, I am passing thanks to the work, dedication and time that you are spending with me. This is the same and we will succeed. Come on!

(The group does not stop rehearsing and studying equally. In one of these last rehearsals, while doing a jump, Inés twists his ankle)

– Inés: Aah! It hurts a lot!

– Andrea: What’s wrong, Inés?

– Inés: I’ve twisted my ankle, it looks bad.

– Mary: Come on, we’ll take you to the infirmary.

(At this moment Mika with her friends passes and sees the pain on Inés’s face)

– Mika: What happened?

– Steven: It’s the ankle, right? Something similar happened to me some time ago. It does not look good.

– Inés: It hurts a lot.

(They take Inés to the infirmary and the prognosis when leaving could not be worse. Returning to the gym, limping)

– Inés: I’m sorry guys; it’s very likely that I won’t be able to dance with you. The doctor told me that I must rest around ten days so…I am afraid it is going to be impossible for me to dance.

– Lucas: What? (He cries desperately) This can’t be!

– Mary: This is the end for us in the contest.

– Andrea: There must be a solution (she says between sobs). There must be something we can do.

– Inés: Nothing can be done, my friends. Our success depends on you and I’m going to help you win and take a good mark in P.E. I will be with you during all the rehearsals. We will rehearse when we finish studying in the library. I trust you, you can do it.

(The mood of the entire group is deteriorating. Mika and her group enter the class and ask Inés how is)

– Margaret: How are you Inés? What did the doctors say?

– Mika: It’s bad news, right?

– Inés: It is very likely that I won’t be able to dance in the contest.

– Steven: I told you, my friend. It had a very bad feeling.

– Nicole: And now, how are you going to do it? We all hoped your group would beat Kevin and his sidekicks thanks to you.

– Margaret: I agree with Nicole.

– Mika: Well, do not overwhelm him. He will do his best, I am sure.

– Inés: I trust my group, they will pull it off and I hope I will be able to dance as well with a bit of luck.

– Steven: I wish that too. I would give anything to give Kevin´s group a taste of their own foul medicine.

(His dance group comes back to him in a bad mood)

– Mary: We are working so hard but there is no progress. Ufff, Inés, without you it is going to be impossible – (he says sobbing)

– Inés: Come on! Cheer up! If I could pass the exams, you can do this as well… I trust you.

Act 7

– Narrator: Finally, it is the day of the contest. The classmates arrive well prepared for it. The kids start to tense up. Finally, the teacher arrives. At the beginning of the class there is no sign of Mark.

– Kevin: What about your dance star, kiddies? It seems he is not going to appear. Good luck, you will need it.

– P.E. Teacher: Well guys, the rules are very simple. As you know the dance lasts for two minutes. Well, I will name your group and then get ready to start.
First group: “Love dancing” with Mika, Steven, Margaret and Nicole. Ready? Music!

(Choreography around two minutes)

– P.E. Teacher: Alright guys, you have done a great job, but the contest has only just begun. Next group, “The amazing”, Kevin’s group. Please, start dancing!

(Choreography around two minutes)

– P.E. Teacher: Wow that was great! You have set the bar really high. But there is still a group waiting their turn. The “Back desk girls” … Ready, steady, go!!

– Kevin: Come on, you fool! Let’s see what you can do without your lovely star (ironic laughter)

(At that moment, the door of the gym opens and all of them look at it. It is Inés, standing on both of his feet and ready to dance)

– Inés: Teacher, if you allow me, I would like to help my team as much as I can.

– P.E. Teacher: Of course. It’s your team! You’re a brave guy!
Are you ready? Music and…. dance!

(Choreography 2 minutes)

– P.E. Teacher: You have left me speechless. At the beginning of the academic year it was unthinkable that you would be able to do this performance, I am very pleasantly surprised. Well done guys! Now bear with me for a while so I can decide on the winner.

(Mika’s group and his own embrace Inés who managed to arrive at the right time. Meanwhile, Kevin´s group looks at him with mistrust)
(The P.E. Teacher talks again)

– P.E. Teacher: It has been a contest full of surprises. To tell the truth, I did not expect this. But we need a winner, and keeping everything in mind, this year’s winners are ….the “ Back desk kids”!!!

(All the students except Kevin´s group jump for joy and embrace)

– P.E. Teacher: Well, it’s been a great contest. All the participants are going to pass the subject with flying colours!

Act 8

– Narrator: After finishing the dance contest, it’s time for the final exams. Inés feels prepared to face them. She has studied and worked as hard as her dance mates.

– Inés: Before I sit for the exams, I just want to thank you for your help. Without you I would not be ready for the exams and most importantly, I would have been alone all the semester. Thank you very much.

– Lucas: No. Thank you for teaching us to overcome our fears. Without you we would never ever have thought of preparing for the dance.

– Mary: Of course, thank you. You are the school’s best dancer and a good friend!

– Andrea: All together we form a great team!

– Narrator: Everyone does the tests and they manage to pass the exams, helped by the high self-esteem that earned them their victory in the PE contest. There is only one thing left to finish the current year: the great school dance contest.

(And finally, the time comes for the final grades and the last day of school. The teacher congratulates Inés for the good work done in her exams and in the dance contest with her classmates)

– Teacher 1: Well Inés, congratulations, you’ve passed all the subjects. I hope you have a good summer. Certainly, great work with dancing. Your colleagues and their parents are very happy with what they have achieved.

– Inés: Thank you very much teacher, but I am also in debt to them, they have been essential for me.

(Meanwhile Kevin’s group is coming)

– Kevin: Hey, new girl, great job. You have given us a lesson. We have been talking and we want to apologize. We have behaved badly towards everyone and we promise to change.

– Sophie: Yes Inés, we’re sorry. You could give me your phone number and we can talk during the summer – (she says, flirting with Inés)

– Chris: You are a great dancer, and maybe you could teach us some moves this summer….
– Rachel: Yes, it would be great to spend some time together during holidays. And… why don’t we dance together for the last show/performance/contest this year? Come on!!!

– Everyone: Great! Awesome idea! Let’s go.


Characters and appearances in the play:
1. Inés: act 1, act 2, act 4, act 5, act 6, act 7, act 8, (7)
2. Mother: act 1, act 2, (2)
3. Kevin: act 1, act 2, act 3, act 4, act 7, act 8, (5)
4. Chris: act 1, act 3, act 8, (3)
5. Mika: act 2, act 4, act 6, (3)
6. Steven: act 2, act 4, act 6, (3)
7. Nicole: act 2, act 4, act 6, (3)
8. Margaret: act 2, act 4, act 6, (3)
9. Rachel: act 1, act 3, act 8, (3)
10. Lucas: act 2, act 4, act 5, act 6, act 8, (5)
11. Mary: act 2, act 3, act 5, act 6, act 8, (5)
12. Sophie: act 1, act 3, act 4, act 8, (4)
13. Andrea: act 5, act 6, act 8, (3)
14. Teacher 1: act 1, act 5, act 8, (3)
15. P.E. Teacher: act 1, act 3, act 4, act 7, (4)

(7) Inés (6) Kevin (5) Lucas, (5) Mary (4) Sophie, (4) P.E. Teacher (3) Chris, (3) Mika, (3)Steven, (3) Nicole, (3) Rachel, (3) Andrea, (3) Teacher 1, (3) Margaret (2) Mother.

Distribution in order of appearance: